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Kingspan Insulation UK


Kingspan Insulation has a long-term commitment to sustainability and responsibility: as a manufacturer and supplier of insulation products; as an employer; as a substantial landholder; and as a key member of its neighbouring communities.  The company aims to adopt and apply best practice sustainability principles by ensuring environmental, social and economic parameters are considered in an integrated way in the operation of its business.  The manner in which Kingspan Insulation achieves this aim is detailed in the company's Sustainability & Responsibility Report.

Kingspan Insulation is conscious of the nature of the raw materials it uses and the need to optimise energy and raw material usage and prevent or minimise pollution and environmental damage.  Kingspan Insulation considers it is a matter of social responsibility to be open and honest about the environmental impact of the manufacture of its products, and a full Environmental Profile based on Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is recognised as the preferred tool to achieve this. 

In 2002, Kingspan Insulation was the first insulation manufacturer to openly complete and publish an independently certified Environmental Profile on one of its product ranges.  This was produced by the BRE using the
BRE Environmental Profiles Methodology.  This Methodology produces Green Guide Ratings which can be used to gain credits in whole building environmental assessment tools such as BREEAM.  Kingspan Insulation has maintained continuous certification since its first Environmental Profile was produced and its latest certified results are available by following the link to Green Guide Ratings.

Minimal Landfill

The Kingspan SIP systems are factory manufactured meaning there is minimal site wastage and therefore more efficient use of materials on-site. The minimal levels of site wastage means less site waste to landfill which also helps to reduce cost.

Less Transport

All the components for a typical Kingspan TEK Building System kit, e.g. panels and ancillaries, come from one source, therefore there are fewer deliveries compared with more traditional construction methods, where components can often be sourced from, and delivered by, a number of different distributors or manufacturers. The overall result is less transport, congestion, noise and traffic pollution, which reduces a project’s impact on the environment.

 Responsible Sourcing

Sustainability issues, however, extend far beyond the confines of a company's own operations. Raw material supply chains can have an all too easy to ignore impact on a business' sustainability performance. The ultimate goal in this area is to source raw materials responsibly. The main whole building environmental assessment tool used in the UK, BREEAM, award credits for responsible sourcing of building materials other than insulation. BREEAM 2008 also awards credits for insulation products on the basis of the ISO 14001 certification status of a business and its immediate suppliers. Details of Kingspan Insulation and its suppliers' ISO 14001 certification can be found by following the link to Responsible Sourcing. These assessment tools are beginning to award extra credits for responsible sourcing based on the BRE Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing: BES 6001. Kingspan TEK structual insulated panels manufactured at Kingspan Insulation's Selby manufacturing facilities are certified to BES 6001 'Very Good'.