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Visitor centre excels with Kingspan TEK and Unidek

Telford Town Park Visitor Centre, constructed by Wygar Construction Co Ltd of Walsall, will provide a café, meeting/class room space and bicycle hire to the Town Park, and forms the first stage of a £250 million regeneration plan for the Southwater area by Telford and Wrekin Council. The building’s bird inspired design uses reclaimed local stone and wooden cladding as part of the façade which reflects the habitat and wildlife supported within the park.
Straw bale insulation was originally specified for the centre’s walls, however, the cost of this system would have put the project considerably over-budget. Kingspan TEK delivery partners, Lowfield Timber Frames suggested the Kingspan TEK Building System as an ideal alternative, providing outstanding performance whilst saving thousands of pounds.
Used as part of the wall and roof build-ups respectively, the compatibility of the TEK and Unidek Aero Systems enables excellent airtightness and thermal performance.
The Kingspan TEK Building System’s propriety jointing system creates an effective seal, allowing it to achieve airtightness results of around 1m3/hr/m2 at 50 Pa. Similarly the Unidek Aero System is installed using a PU foam sealant between joints to minimise air-leakage. At Telford Visitor Centre a high performance vapour control layer was installed inside both Systems, helping the building exceed the Passivhaus airtightness standard of 0.6m3/hr/m2 at 50 Pa, by achieving an airtightness value of 0.58m3/hr/m2 at 50 Pa.
The Kingspan TEK Building System also features a highly insulated core, uninterrupted by studwork, which minimises thermal bridging and allows it to achieve a worst case U-value of 0.20 W/m2.K. On the visitor centre this was supplemented with a 60mm external layer of high performance Kingspan Thermawall TW55 Insulation Board, achieving a final wall U-value of 0.14 W/m2.K.
The Kingspan Unidek Aero System enabled the centre’s roof to achieve the same thermal performance as required for Passivhaus projects, with the thicker panel options able to achieve worst case roof U-values of 0.14W/m²k. The System’s SIP panel design also virtually eliminates thermal bridging by avoiding the use of through timbers.
Project Architect, Kim Anderson commented: “The TEK and Unidek Systems were the perfect choice for the visitor centre. Their SIP structure allowed them to be quickly and simply installed and their overall airtightness and thermal efficiency meant we could achieve the required level of performance, without having to compromise on internal space.
“Kingspan were also extremely helpful during the project, providing technical support, drawings and advice on detailing to enable us to meet similar requirements to those of the Passivhaus standard. Overall we were extremely pleased with the Systems and are currently using the Kingspan TEK Building System on a further project.”
The Town Park Visitor Centre includes a range of other features such as triple glazed windows to further minimise air and heat loss and an MVHR system, providing essential ventilation and using exhaust air to heat incoming air. The building also generates additional power through a PV array located on the roof.
The Southwater regeneration scheme is expected to transform central Telford over the next twenty years and will eventually include office buildings, hotels, shops, bars, restaurants with space for leisure centre including a multi-screen cinema.