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TEK brings catch home

The Kingspan TEK Building System has delivered high levels of thermal performance and fast, reliable construction to a whole range of projects over the years, each with their own specific challenges. Recently one of the more unusual projects was a roof and wall specification for the new Falkland Islands Government (FIG) Fisheries Department building.
The Department is responsible for maintaining healthy fish stocks within the Falklands Conservation Zone, vital to the Island’s economy. It was previously based in floating office containers at Stanley Harbour, however over time the team has expanded and it was decided that the aging buildings were no longer suitable for purpose. The construction of the new building was undertaken by the FIG construction partners Morrison (Falklands) Ltd with M&E design provided by Dominic Frampton Building Services and the project delivers top quality facilities for both administrative and scientific research staff.
Energy efficiency was an important element of the design and one of the key drivers for the specification of the Kingspan TEK Building System. Thanks to its high performance insulated core, Kingspan TEK is able to deliver excellent thermal performance with whole wall and roof U-values of 0.20 W/m2.K and below. Its proprietary joint system also provides outstanding airtightness with air leakage levels as good as 0.91 air changes per hour at 50 Pa.
Graham Fiddes from the Falklands Public Works Department discussed the specification:
“The purpose of the project was to construct an energy efficient building which provided a more suitable working environment for the Fisheries Department. Originally a normal timber frame construction was planned but early on it was mentioned that storage space was an issue at the current site. To utilise loft space more efficiently we started to look more closely at using an A Frame Truss System which would give the required extra floor area.”
“From there it didn’t take much to start looking at future uses and possible expansion into the loft space. Kingspan TEK provided the best solution as the panels required no further insulation. This allowed us to maximise floor space and minimise heatloss so the loft was ready for future use.”
The task of transporting the TEK System nearly 8000 miles presented a logistical challenge for both Morrison (Falklands) Ltd and Kingspan TEK Delivery Partners Lowfield Timber Frames. Mark Jenkins, Business Development Manager at Lowfield commented:

“The building is a significant size at just over 450m2 on each of the two floor levels, and the reliable and accurate supply of the components was key given the transportation distances involved.  We shipped the Kingspan TEK Building System and other elements in 10 steel containers in late November, arriving in early January.”
“We then supplied on-site technical installation and design support for the local erecting team. The ease of installation meant that the erection was successfully completed in a period of just over three weeks and because the system is carefully pre-measured and cut we avoided material shortages and were left with minimal site waste.”
The Fisheries Department’s management of fish stock helps to protect the livelihood of many of the Island’s residents and also provides key revenue for the government via the fisheries licensing scheme. The funds raised from this scheme help to maintain and improve local infrastructure such as roads, schools and medical facilities.